Norton’s malware scanner is one of the best around. It uses a massive malware directory, heuristic analysis, and machine learning to detect all types of threats and provide an excellent level of virus protection. It also offers a variety of virus scanning options plus real-time protection to keep malware from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Norton is the best antivirus around, but it isn’t perfect. Its desktop app is a little clunky, and its mobile protections are split across several separate apps, which is a bit annoying.

  • Choosing ‘Delete for Everyone’ will delete the message for everyone in the conversation.
  • Further, click the “Delete personal settings” check box to select it.
  • For an easier, more straightforward process, you can use an app like CleanMyMac X to help you clear unwanted apps.
  • In my case, that solved my issues with DVD Player perfectly—not so much for Chess.
  • It was launched in the year 2006 for Windows OS and soon after getting popularity, was launched for iOS, macOS, and later for Android too.

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What is the best way to locate my Norton Vault password?

After that, restart your Mac, and then you will see the delete option as the app is no longer running. Either hold the Option key or click and hold any app. Anyway, you can try the manual removal after force quitting the app (press Command-Option-Esc and if the app is on the list shut it down) or rebooting your Mac. Remember, please be careful when deleting system files — you never know how it will affect your Mac. We have to address this again as we don’t want you get your Mac system messed up under our instructions.

Uncheck ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ and click the ‘Custom Size’ selector. Page fault in nonpaged area Windows 10 error usually results in a Blue Screen Of Death. This error occurs when Windows fail to find the file which it expects to find within a specified memory. The issue might be caused due to any hardware or any software fault.

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Hence, it might be a simpler process if compared that way. Additionally, one may also be asked for login credentials on Mac while deleting an app if the computer is not running on an administrator password. 5) Finally, please note that to uninstall most apps, you must be logged into aMac’s administrator account or know the username and password for the administrator account. 1) You cannot uninstall the app on your Mac if the app is still open or running in the foreground or background. If needed, here are six ways to help you quit any app on Mac.

NVIDIA Broadcast For Mac: Best Alternatives (inc. M1 & M2 Macs)

If you don’t see an uninstaller for your app, it probably doesn’t have one. You can check with the app publisher to be sure, or just use one of the other methods to delete the app. Launchpad is a quick how to get rid of on google chrome launch feature that you can access from the Dock.

How to delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger

It can work either due to faulty or damaged RAM or because of any corrupted driver. Another reason behind the occurrence of this error can be an aborted Windows update. Generally speaking, your first troubleshooting steps should always focus on anything that recently changed on your PC.